As an advertiser of, you have the choice to showcase either your personal or business or Client’s profile at our network.

We work with International Advertisers and Agencies from all Countries and Cities.

An Advertiser can be an Individual, Company, Agency (with Advertising Clients & Customers) or a Reseller (Getting Discount from us + Reselling our Advertising Packs with Markups / Profits).

Any form of News / Infomercial / Story / Event / Launch / Release / Research / Analysis / Resource / Case Study can be advertised at our network except the unacceptable type of Content like Hate / Racial / Abusive / Controversial / Sexually Explosive / illegal etc.

Advertiser has the following Sponsorship options :-

  1. Native Ad / Sponsored Article to be showcased across our network and via Social Media Shares profiling either a personal or business story.
  2. Premium Sponsor with 150 monthly Article posting.
  3. Sponsored Banner Insertion @

1 >> Native Ad / Sponsored Article (US $10 Per Ad / Article)

This is the most impactful form of solo low-cost advertising option at our network with the greatest possible ROI for the advertiser. Your Sponsored Article or Native Ad does not appear as an Ad at all and appears as a normal Article like any other article posted daily at our network.

This form of advertising has an additional advantage of getting engagement by the audience like regular posts both at our site and via extension of the Social Media channels where our readers may choose to share your Article or Story to their respective Social Channels if your Article or Story is interesting enough for them to share which will give you added widespread reach and massive exposure. Further your Sponsored Article stays forever at our network giving you leads and prospects for years to come.

Sponsored Article Limit : Your Sponsored Article can be upto 2000 Words or less.

Advertiser has to provide us the Full Sponsored Article Content (Article Title + Article Body + Article Tags) with total 10 embeddable Images / Audios  / Videos to be posted after our review and circulated at our network.

For the First-Time Native Ad Advertiser, as a Bonus, your Sponsored Article will also be featured at the Top section at our site Homepage for 3 Days as Featured Article for added exposure on your First Order (Bonus applicable only on your First Native Ad Order).

Bulk Native Ad Buyers (10 or more Sponsored Article Orders) and Agencies will receive an additional 10% Discount on orders.

2 >> Premium Sponsor (US $147 Per Month)

As a Premium Sponsor of, you will be provided with a dedicated Author Account at our site. Premium Sponsors can Login 24×7 and can post upto 150 Stories or Articles every month. It’s like you are posting upto 150 Native Ads or Sponsored Articles every month and each of your Articles will enjoy the same benefit and engagement like any other Native Ad or Sponsored Article at our site.

Premium Sponsor Article Limit : Each of your Article can be upto 10000 Words or less with a total 30 embedded Images / Audios / Videos can be posted per Article.

Any individual or Company can become a Premium Sponsor and can post upto 150 Articles every month.

If you are an Advertising or Content Marketing Agency, you can subscribe for a Premium Sponsor Account with us and can post upto 150 Articles on behalf of your Clients every month.

There is no long-term Contract or obligation and advertiser can cancel their Premium Sponsor Account anytime even after just 1 month of subscription.

3 >> Banner Ad / Sponsored Banner

All Banner Ad Spots can be booked either on a Weekly or Monthly basis.

Banner positions available :-

  1. Header => (US $600 Per Week / US $2000 Per Month)
  2. Sidebar => (US $500 Per Week / US $1750 Per Month)
  3. Article (Top) => (US $400 Per Week / US $1500 Per Month)
  4. Article (Middle) => (US $300 Per Week / US $1100 Per Month)
  5. Article (Bottom) => (US $200 Per Week / US $700 Per Month)
  6. Footer => (US $100 Per Week / US $350 Per Month)

Banner sizes (width x height in pixels) available :-

  1. > 728×90 pixels
  2. > 300×250 pixels
  3. > 336×280 pixels
  4. > 468×60 pixels
  5. > 250×250 pixels
  6. > 650×120 pixels
  7. > Any other approved IAB Standard Banner size

Payments can be made via Paypal / Credit Card / Wire TransferDebit Card / Netbanking / Cash Deposit or alternative methods.

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